eySaw: Live At Rebellion Bar, Manchester

I am going to go back six years for you. This band was one of the many local metal acts I photographed when I got into the world of live photography. They are one of the bands that I had fond memories from. Their name is  Eysaw. I saw them when I was invited by a good friend to photograph them when eySaw alongside Daywalkers and Mammal. I know, mad to think of how time has flown since that 2009 show!

When the lads have announced that they'll be doing shows after a hiatus this year, I was beyond ecstatic! They have proven from their comeback Rebellion Bar show that they still have fire in their bellies.  Resulting from their return, they asked me to be their photographer for their September show. I couldn't wait to capture the memories with them again! So, I hope with these photos, it matches the intensity of their presence, music and fun times of the night. Support the Manchester Metal scene and UK Metal. 

Enjoy folks!