Not Above Evil: Live At Rebellion Bar, Manchester 2015

It was a cold, wet Saturday evening. The date? Twelfth of December 2015. Yes, folks. It has been THAT long. I was invited by my all round top dude Daniel Mucs to document the night at Rebellion Bar. We jokingly mentioned it might as well be called Mucs Fest because he plays in all three of them! Three bands. Great music. Awesome folk. Fun times ahead in our favourite city.

This is the first out of three blog posts I will be revealing from the enjoyable night. You will need to wait for Screaming Beast and Dirty Habit as I present to you with the first metal outfit. 

For your viewing visual pleasure, this is Not Above Evil! The brutalising trio will be releasing a new album soon. If you like your metal fast with technicality and finesse, these gentlemen are right up your street. Enjoy!