Let Me See The Spark That Lights Your Desire: Rival Bones 2018

Well, how's it going you lovely people? It has indeed been a while since i've posted ...yes, again ;) it has been very busy from my side of the coin. Well, not as manic as this dynamic rock duo.

I was first recommended by good pal Seddy when the electric Rival Bones supported Mongol Horde back in February this year [criminy, has it been that long]. Since then, they were great live, right from the first chord! I even put forward a request to do a press shoot for them. So, around the same time, they did a few local shows. When one venue came up on their tour listings, Jimmy's was the perfect place to do the press shoot in. I've always wanted to do a press shoot with neon lights. So, this was perfect for the pair to be surrounded in. Ready with my single Elinchrom Quadra A light and 100cm Octabox [RIP] along with my weapon, Nikon D750 with 24-70mm lens, I took a few photos before they did conducted press. From then on, their popularity is healthy and growing. They're unstoppable and you should check them out!

I want to say thank you to the lads of Rival Bones James Whitehouse [vocals/guitar], Chris Thomason [drums] and to good pal Seddy who went through the trouble of setting this one up. Thank you for your patience and overall ace attitude. I hope you all like the results \m/ 

See you in your next show lads ...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I know what you must be thinking. I should have released the photos a long time ago! Yes, I know, so much has happened that this was the best time to edit the shoot. To describe the chaos from January to now, these two candid shots will explain it all! ;)

Thanks again, folks!