The Gathering: Bloodstock Festival 2017 Highlights

A week today, metalheads old and new would have made their first steps onto holy ground. And what can I say? I genuinely have no words to describe how awe-inspiring it was! It is the first time in a while that I am quite stuck on what to say about the brilliant Bloodstock Festival although there were a couple of instances with the rain, the weather was spot on. Everything was spot on. Simply put, horns up!🤘🏽

This was my third time as official photographer for the festival and I am still very honoured to be asked again to provide photos of the yearly metal mass. Thank you to Vicky and all of the Bloodstock family for once again giving me the opportunity to document the weekend. To the official comrades Katja Ogrin, Mark Lloyd, Steve Dempsey and Mark Leary you were fabulous and I can't wait to work with you all over again! Also, shoutout to the Cosa Nostra team, the many photographers and reviewers, the ShowSec team, the bands and the people for being truly wonderful amongst the chaos. It would not be possible without you. 

Now that the mighty Gojira and Nightwish are already announced for 2018, I have no doubt the roster will be colossal. I cannot wait to see what's in store. Thank you and I hope this little gallery brings the festival to life visually. 

See you next year! Rock on!

The Metal Mass: Bloodstock Festival 2016 Highlights

Today is World Photography Day. When you look at it, so much has changed on how the world views life. When it is just for a few seconds with a press of a button, it sets for a lifetime. So, I thought, what better way to mark the occasion by displaying the world of Bloodstock Festival through my photography.

Every year, this little magnificent festival has brought together fresh memories, old and new faces, laughter, joy and the greatest music for the metal mass to relish. This year was no different. We rejoice. We celebrate. We throw our horns together. No qualms from reality. To be asked to cover the festival officially for the second year was truly an honour and it has made my trepidation with my craft ease. I miss the place already and it's only a week! There are so many people to thank who made the weekend memorable, meeting loads of fellow minions and to keep my sanity in check from all the fire and smoke ;)

I love everything about Bloodstock Festival. Same again next year? You bet I'll be there! What's on the horizon? We'll wait as a new story unfolds. Come what may, I can't wait to do this all over again. Bring on 2017!