Dirty Habit: Live At Rebellion Bar, Manchester 2015

Hello and Happy Wednesday folks! Once again, I want to say thank you for taking the time to view my works on Not Above Evil and Screaming Beast. The feedback have been awesome and I truly appreciate that you had a peek into my vision as a whole. 

Now, this is the last band of Mucs Fest [I had to put it in there, sorry]. This is a little trip down on memory lane for this Manchester rock and roll trio. May I present to you, Dirty Habit! The first time I've seen the lovely lady and gentlemen rock out was around September 2009 at their Grand Central gig. Madness! On the night, this was where I had the pleasure to know them, including Dan Mucs. Nearly six years later, here we are, rocking as ever!

Before the Rebellion Bar doors opened, we got together to do a quick photoshoot, equipped my single Elinchrom Quadra A & 100cm Octabox setup. Here are the best four! 

Great old fashioned rock and roll got everyone on the floor to dance the night away!

To Not Above Evil, Screaming Beast and Dirty Habit, thank you for the great times! Make sure you show your loving support by giving them a like on their social media sites. It'll make their day. Support your metal scene. Until next time, metal on \m/ 

Screaming Beast: Live At Rebellion Bar, Manchester 2015

Why, hello there! I hope you're having a good Tuesday thus far. I would like to give a massive horns up for taking a peek at my Not Above Evil photos! It means a lot.

Alrighty then, let me introduce to all to the second band that played on 12th December 2015. This is Screaming Beast! The brains behind the force are Anton rumbling the vocals and Dan blasting those drums. Joining the dynamic duo for their debut are Arun [guitars], Kershaw [bass] and Rory [guitars]. Excited as they were, I couldn't wait to translate their set through the camera!

Before that, we've managed to fit in a quick photoshoot before the doors opened for the night. I set up my single Elinchrom Quadra A light through an Elinchrom 100cm Octabox, grabbed the lads and shot away! 

I'm not too sure what happened here. But, whatever it was, we all had a great giggle about it. You can be creative with this one!

But, we all managed to collect ourselves and get a final photo together. Five great lads ready for their Manchester introduction [From left to right: Anton, Kershaw, Dan, Rory, Arun].

My last post will be my view of Dirty Habit. So, keep an eye out for that one. It's going to be a good one :) 

The floor vibrated. The walls shook. Eyes were watching. Screaming Beast took to the stage. Here are the results! What do you think? Enjoy and horns up!